Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Superman OYL

So far the OYL books have been pretty damn good. But Superman #650 is the best of the lot so far. Fitting, I think. Superman is the greatest superhero, after all. So the chase is on to discover what mysteries lie behind the missing year. And what's been changed in the continuity. I noticed a few interesting things:

The first thing I noticed (aside from the pretzels) was the movie screen in the beginning that showed Superman fighting Doomsday. They call it "the last time that Superman was seen." This seems to mean that either Superman fights Doomsday at the end of Infinite Crisis... Or something else.

My theory? It's been said that Infinite Crisis is also a sequel to The Death of Superman. It's believed by some -- rightly or wrongly -- that the main Earth "went bad" when Superman died. What if someone changes the past, affecting things at that moment? That would most certainly set off shockwaves across DC continuity.

Another interesting thing that I caught (and only a hardcore political junkie like myself would notice it) is that Lex Luthor doesn't have a Secret Service detail. Under current U. S. law every former president gets Secret Service protection for ten years after their term expires (President Clinton is the last president to receive guaranteed lifetime protection). So why doesn't Lex have protection? Has history been changed there, too?

The final and for me most interesting thing I noticed was the crystalline shard that Lex had inside his limo. It's clearly Kryptonian. But the scary thing is what it says: Doomsday.

Are they going to bring Doomsday back to his roots as a truly terrifying monster? He hasn't been since... Well, since he killed Superman. And he should be. Time will tell...


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