Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Infinite Crisis Roundtable

DIAMONDROCK: Infinite Crisis Roundtable. Now. Let's not waste time. Give me your thoughts. Doc?

DOCTOR POLARIS: Too much Hal Jordan.

DR: Fair enough. Az?

AZRAEL: A really powerful issue. The narrative was tight and the ending left me kind of misty eyed.

DP: Pff. Baby.

DR: Be nice, Doc. You were saying, Az?

AZ: Just that I think they really did an excellent job with the issue. It fired on all cylinders. Hell, this issue actually made me like Hal Jordan.

DP: Oh, it's on now.

DR: Cool it Doctor P. Do you have anything to add of substance about the actual issue?

DP: Of course I do. I very much enjoyed seeing Alex lose a finger. And Black Adam? I always loved that guy.

AZ: I really liked how we got to see what amounted to one Superboy killing Superboy. Makes you wonder what it means.

DR: A good point, especially considering what's happening outside comics.

DP: You may be reading too much into it, if you're referring to the recent legal case.

DR: Yeah, that's what I was talking about.

DP: I think it's a lot simpler than that. After all, there's a long tradition of alternates turning on each other. Hell, I sold the soul of my alter ego to the Devil!

AZ: We know.

DR: Right, we've heard that story plenty of times. Any other thoughts?

AZ: There have been a lot of complaints about the multiple artists on the most recent issues. But I think it worked really well here. Each artist focused on one of the internal story arcs. Kept it from seeming disjointed.

DP: I just have to comment of Superboy Prime's new costume. It's absolutely fantastic. That boy knows how to accesorize.

DR: Yeah, it's pretty damn cool all right. But let's wrap it up. Predictions for number seven?

AZ: Batman, Superman, Superman, and Wonder Woman versus Superboy Prime in a battle to the finish. And one of the Supermen won't survive.

DP: Same. It's going to make my battle with the Human Bomb look like child's play. I'm looking forward to it.

DR: Thanks guys.



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