Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One Year Earlier, Part 1

DC's One Year Later stunt is a masterstroke. By jumping forward in time a year, DC can introduce new creative teams, get fresh starts, and give characters vacations (without interrupting series or resorting to Azrael-like replacements). But I think that the biggest and most important thing to come out of One Year Later is the year that comes before. Even with all the new books and Crisis implications, 52 is going to be the biggest event of 2006.

I'm not going to talk about the potential for lateness or the unbelievable talent attached. What I am going to delve into is Wizard's 52 article (which is filled with tidbits galore) to speculate a bit on what all the teases might mean. So... Fifty-two reasons to read; fifty-two nagging questions.

1. Luthor's JLA: With the JLA disbanded, the bald baddie forms his own Justice League, comprised of entirely new characters plus one familiar face.

Well, point number one already leaves us full of tantalizing questions. Admittedly, things like this are hard to speculate on. But my guess is that Luthor somehow manages to return himself to a modicum of respectability. And he's smart enough to have learned that calling yourself the "Injustice Gang" isn't exactly a good way to win cred with the public. If nobody else is using the initials JLA, why can't Luthor?

As for the familiar face, my guess is that it's Booster Gold. He's one of the six players of 52 and -- as we'll get to later -- he's sold himself out to corporate interests. And nobody says "corporate" like Lex Luthor...

2. Wholesale Destruction: An entire country within the DC Universe will be leveled by a known power player, killing every man, woman, and child within.

For me, this is an easy one. Black Adam is one of the six players and the only guy in the DCU with his own country. Good-bye Kandhaq.

The question of the culprit isn't all that difficult, either. The quiz from awhile back gave us the clue: I'll stake my reputation that Brainiac is the afore mentioned "power player."

3. Batwoman Begins: A new female crimefighter takes to the streets of Gotham, but who's behind the mask? Here's a hint: it's not who you think.

Ouch, this one stings. As a huge fan of the Cassandra Cain Batgirl, her apparent removal from the stage is pretty painful. That being said, I don't think this Batwoman is anyone. So it certainly can't be who I don't think it is.

But how's this for an out of left field idea: Batwoman is Wonder Woman. Bear with me for a moment. I'm guessing we'll only see this Batwoman for the duration of 52 (despite rumors of an ongoing). It's also rumored (from a more reputable source) that Diana will lose her powers. But that doesn't mean she loses her fighting skills. This is about as unlikely as anything I'll say here, but it's certainly something to think about...

4. Steel: The Conscience of the DCU: John Henry Irons steps back into the Steel armor and steps up his game to cover for the absence of several heroes following Infinite Crisis, ruffling some feathers with his philosophy that true heroes do their job without accolades.

I'm glad to see that Steel is returning to the forefront. He's been out of sight in the DCU for far too long. As for his philosophy, there's only one person that that would piss off: Booster Gold. Clearly there needs to be some conflict among the six players. And how can there not be conflict between a hero who needs no accolades and one that loves the spotlight?

5. Star Wars: A new villain will be introduced in the outer reaches of space. Early word is that this new tyrant is giving Darkseid a run for his money!

Not much that can be said about a tease like that. But I will say that more cosmic villains is always a good thing. Of course, the only one out of the six players with the power to go up against someone Darkseid's level is Black Adam...

That's the first five... The next forty-seven are yet to come.


At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought we were getting a new blonde Catwoman, Holly, while Selena is at home taking care of her baby. But WW is a possibility, too, I suppose.


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