Thursday, January 19, 2006

One Year Earlier, Part 2

Wow, Infinite Crisis #4 sure was one hell of a ride, wasn't it? I don't think my mouth has literally dropped open so many times in one sitting. The path toward 52 continues unabated, so here are with more of my predictions and thoughts regarding that momentous undertaking.

6. Cast of Millions: Forget just the Big Three, the Justice League, or even everybody who appeared in Infinite Crisis -- this series will indeed star the entire DCU.

Not much that can be said about that -- other than that it's a very good thing. With the coming of this most recent Crisis, DC has finally started using their enormous stable of characters to good effect. I hope they keep it up.

7. Back in the Saddle: Keith Giffen returns to DC in a big way to co-plot and do layouts for 52, bringing his grand sense of scope and knack for humor to the table.

Take that everybody who said that DC was out to get Keith Giffen!

8. Weird Science: A shadowy figure is abducting big brains like T. O. Morrow, Will Magnus, and Dr. Sivana with an eye toward altering the world of technology.

Now here's something I can sink my teeth into. Interesting that T. O. Morrow and Will Magnus are the first two mentioned. Both of them are best known for their incredible genius when it comes to robotics and androids. And I'm sure Sivana's no slouch in that department either. I imagine "altering the world of technology" means "building giant scary robots." What fun.

As for the shadowy figure... That's a little trickier. We're given no real hints and nothing to go on. Whoever it is, they've got strength or power in some manner if they can take out genius scientists. My only safe bet is that it's not Luthor. He's up to other things...

9. Renee Montoya: DC's Drunk Detective: Introduced in the 1990's "Batman: The Animated Series," then making the jump to comics as the lead of Gotham Central, Renee Montoya has sunk to her lowest point as an alcoholic detective and must find her way back to respectibility.

I find this very depressing. I've always liked Renee (and "Batman: The Animated Series" is really what got me into comics). Though she hits bottom, I hope that 52 really does chronicle her climb out of that pit of despair. But then, she's really Rucka's baby. He basically created the DCU version (if I'm not mistaken). And he really can write good women. So I'm not too worried.

10. For Freedom!: From the ashes of the original team's gory demise in Infinite Crisis, a new team of Freedom Fighters emerges to take up the fight.

This is exciting. It's hard to say who will be on the team, but Uncle Sam, Damage, and the Ray are good bets. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a new Phantom Lady as well. I imagine that the Freedom Fighters will be tied more closely to the government as a way of distinguising them from other superteams. Because the essence of multiple teams is making certain that they're each distinct.

11. Drawing Blood: Joe Bennett, who showed that he could draw the nastiest fight scenes around during his time on Hawkman, will now have the entire DCU at his disposal as one of the main artists of 52.

Probably the main artist. Man, this guy can draw. His Hawkman stuff was awe inspiring, and he's certainly prolific. You don't see many pencillers who can keep up on two montly books at the same time. But Joe Bennett managed it -- with no loss of quality. I can't wait to see his Question...

That's it for this round. Stay tuned.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger Devon said...

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that Joe "Two Books A Month" Bennett's work hasn't been seen for a good while.

I truly wouldn't be surprised if the newly DC Exclusive Dan "Two Books A Month" Jurgens wouldn't be joining him on "52" as well.

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Diamondrock said...

As soon as 52 was announced I was convinced that Joe Bennett was going to be one of the main artists. It's about the only thing so far in this Crisis that I've been right about...


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