Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back in Black, Part 2

Tonight: Detective Comics #553 and part two of the first appearance of Black Mask! When we last left our story, a man had been murdered with poison makeup in a mask. Not unlike this:

Yes, Black Mask has struck again, sending his "False Facers" to slay another new member of Janus Cosmetic's board of directors. But neither of these murders have passed unnoticed by Gotham City's vigilant defender... The Batman is on the case!

Despite the comic's title, no detective work is necessary. Batman knows exactly who has been comitting these murders. Black Mask isn't exactly discreet.

But it's worse than simply murder (if any murder is simple). Black Mask is raising an army, and in a short span has risen to be the central figure in Gotham's underworld. It seems that you just can't cut it as a mobster in Gotham anymore without a gimmick, a mask, or a name like "Dr. Fang." What is the world coming to?

Black Mask's murders have had repurcussions not just for Gotham City and Batman -- Bruce Wayne has also been affected. After all, both of the murdered men were members of the Wayne Foundation. And the aura of fear surrounding Janus Cosmetics is threatening to pull the entire foundation down with it.

In order to keep things running smoothly, Bruce Wayne agrees to attend a big benefit dinner. Really, he only does it so the reader gets a good look at the latest dame to attach herself to Bruce Wayne's arm. While the benefit goes on, Black Mask's secondary revenge plan is set in motion. It's time for Black Mask to move on the woman who spurned Roman Sionis.

Yes, she made him lose face. So in a logical extension of that Black Mask locks her in his mother's coffin. For a whole day. Craaaazy. Then he prepares for her a very special mask...

Meanwhile, Batman and Robin have tracked down a pair of Black Mask's "False Facers." The dynamic duo promptly beat the crap out of the thugs and demand answers. No answers are forthcoming. Black Mask has been far too careful at covering his tracks.

Back at the Sionis family crypt Circe hides her face and weeps in shame. Her face has been ravaged by the poison makeup. Black Mask forces her to make a choice: die or wear a mask. She makes a choice.

With his "queen" now at his side, Black Mask prepares to set his final plan in motion. Revenge against the man he blames for all his misfortunes: Bruce Wayne!

Tomorrow: the stunning conclusion of Black Mask's origin story in Batman #387. And of course there's a masquerade ball!

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At 9:39 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

This...this actually sounds pretty good!

At 10:09 AM, Blogger Diamondrock said...

It's not bad at all. Part two is a little shaky, but things really pick up with part three...


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