Friday, January 28, 2011


Apparently Flashpoint is going to be a bigger deal than I thought.

When I first heard about Flashpoint I figured it was going to be a self-contained story in The Flash. Maybe a mini-series with repercussions for the rest of the DCU. But fifteen different mini-series? That's excessive even by Marvel standards.

I mean, we got a lot of minis along with Blackest Night. But for some reason that felt more like a big event than this feels like... At least right now. There was an extended build-up for a very long time to Blackest Night. But I don't think we've seen that with Flashpoint, and there are only a few months remaining until it kicks off.

Or maybe there has been build up. Maybe when Flashpoint hits we'll look back at things like Wonder Woman's history change and say "that was a key to Flashpoint."

But right now Flashpoint doesn't feel like anything. Like I said, Infinite Crisis and Blackest Night felt like big events. I'm not sure yet what Flashpoint is going to be...

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At 9:52 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It does sound awfully massive, doesn't it? I certainly don't plan on getting every single mini-series, that's for sure. Still, the concept sounds interesting enough, albeit reminiscent of Marvel's AOA from way back when.

So I guess that I am mildly intrigued. But I'll still mostly be reading the War of the Green Lanterns.


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