Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Shall Not Be Denied

DiDio! You refused my generous offers to appear in your epic year-long weekly series 52! I will brook no demurement regarding your epic year-long follow-up Countdown! I will appear, or all mankind will suffer!

A central plot point seems to be the new and improved "multi-verse." I hereby give you permission to feature not only my multiversal strongholds of Earths-32 through -35, but also their overlord and master: Doctor Polaris. That is, me.I am willing to be featured in a flashback or a throwaway "bubble" image conveniently displaying a different Earth and labeling it by its designated number.

Alternately, my appearance my be more central to the story. It is known that they-of-varied-facial-hair seek out "world-jumpers" and -- more importantly "death-cheaters." Seeing as -- despite all odds -- Polaris lives, It would make sense for the Monitors to come after me.

Perhaps a scene where I ruthlessly crushed a Monitor with sphere of metal? Or I could employ old-fashioned fisticuffs. I am partial to that manner of combat as well. But know that whatever form it takes, my tussle with the Monitor must be featured on the cover. Preferably illustrated by J. G. Jones (or failing that, a Kubert).

Know this, DiDio: I have been snubbed far too many times by your organization. With the so-called "infinite possibilities" of your "multi-verse," surely there must be room for a Master of Magnetism, or possible a Man Who Mastered Magnetism. Or maybe even a Magnetic Maestro. I am all of those and more.

And I shall not be denied. At least not this time...

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At 12:20 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Woo! Dr. Polaris taking out a Monitor? I'd pay money to see that!

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Dr. Tyme said...

While I would pay money to see Dr. Polaris shipped off to a parallel Earth.

(I may have agreed to a truce, but that doesn't mean I've forgiven your insults towards me.)


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