Monday, February 22, 2010


After a week of solid announcements all the Source seems to be feeding us these days is previews. That's okay, though. Previews can be useful. Like when a comic blogger who should be rested from the weekend is actually exhausted after Monday and doesn't know what to write about. So he writes about previews.

Two preview were released today: Cry for Justice #7 and Superman #697. Both of these books are written by James Robinson and make for an interesting dichotomy.

Take Cry for Justice. The comic has turned out to be an interesting beast. I'm not really sure what to think of it. It's been violent and bloody, sometimes weird, and other times stiff. Sadly, the one thing I don't think I can say about it is that it's good.

Cry for Justice may not be bad, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's good. Apparently for our final issue Star City suffers a big disaster. Hey, does anybody remember the whole "One Year Later" thing? Do you remember what happened to Star City right before that? Yeah, Star City suffered a big disaster. Then Green Arrow was elected mayor. I don't think Cry for Justice is going to end like that.

Superman is almost exactly the opposite of Cry for Justice. Superman may not be in between the pages, but the book is a rock solid super-hero tale. As far as I'm concerned James Robinson's work with Mon-El has been more than good... It's been great.

Now we're starting to see some of the seeds from Robinson's early days on Superman bear fruit. The secret Legionnaires are showing up. General Lane is clearly ready to start something. And Mon-El still doesn't seem to know where he really belongs.

Both books come out this week and we should get some sort of resolution. What won't be resolved is how one man can be so inconsistent when it comes to his comic stories...

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