Thursday, August 26, 2010

New JLA vs. Old Crime Syndicate

I'm looking forward to seeing the currently motley Justice League go up against the Crime Syndicate. As others have said, we've seen the Big Seven JLA go up against them many times. But this will be the first time that a replacement League has faced off against them (as far as I know).

It should make for some interesting match-ups. Chief amongst them would be Jesse Quick vs. Johnny Quick. After all, the characters have nothing in common, but happen to share a name. That should bring about some delightful conflict, if nothing else.

I do notice that the caucasian Power Ring has returned and it makes me wonder... Is the membership of the Crime Syndicate still affected by the membership of the main Earth Justice League? That's the sort of thing I'd imagine James Robinson pulling out and using in a story...



At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or maybe the JLA membership is determined by what happens to the Crime Syndicate? If the Crime Syndicate has been having some seriously-crazy adventures lately, it could explain the seemingly haphazard and chaotic JLA line-up we've been seeing "here" on Earth in the last few years.

Now I want to use what's been going on on Earth-3 (or 2 or wherever the CSA is now) as a fanwanky way of explaining potential plot holes! In Hypertime, better stories get priority on sensible continuity, so when something dumb happens in a comic, it's really just in service to something more important going on in another part of the multiverse!

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Garnet said...

It's kinda funny how the CSA stays on classic model with Ultraman etc. but the JLA - which should have all kinds of appeal - has strayed into a really obscure lineup. The former has nearly as much familiarity as the latter; I probably do have as much knowledge of Owlman as I do of Congorilla.


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