Monday, December 06, 2010

XOMBI Can't Be Killed

Has anyone out there read the Milestone comic XOMBI? I obviously didn't catch it in its original run (I wasn't reading comics then) but I did manage to read it later down the line. Written by John Rozum, it was the story of medical researcher David Kim who -- after a bizarre incident of the kind we only find in comic books -- is transformed into an unkillable immortal. In the comic they say that he is a "xombi" and he almost immediately becomes a magnet for some supernatural stuff so crazy it might make the Spectre blush.

I ask only because XOMBI is coming back.

Now, we've known for a while that XOMBI was returning (John Rozum said so on his blog a while back) but details were pretty scarce. Now we know that none other than superstar Frazer Irving (!) will be handling art duties on the book for returning writer John Rozum.

Why, exactly, is this all important? Mainly because XOMBI was a really good comic book.

The book holds up really well even after all this time. It's the story about a man who gets thrown into a world that he really wanted no part of. And even though the Source post says that "David Kim is not a hero" it's wrong. Because even though David never asked to be what he became and didn't want any part of it... When the fate of the world was on the line he always stepped up. There's a reason in an alternate timeline he became a Green Lantern because he was "the most worthy man alive."

There is a long tradition in superhero comics of people being saddled with powers and abilities they never asked for. Sometimes they lash out. Sometimes they whine about. And sometimes they turn what seems like a tragedy... And try to make the world a better place.

So basically what I'm saying her is give XOMBI a shot. If this new incarnation is half as good as the old one it'll be great. It's good to see that after all these years David Kim is still kicking...



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