Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Begone, Stan Lee

I am weary. Weary, I say! Weary of the constant and unending "news" about one Stan Lee.

Many, it would seem, believe him to have had a a great influence upon the world of comics. I disagree. By all accounts the man merely mooched upon the skills of his collaborators. Men such as Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby.

I know that many of you will call me a fool or a blasphemer. I don't particularly care what you Marvel zombies may thing of me. My point is proved by the power of science. Logic vindicates me.

Consider: most -- if not all -- of Stan Lee's creations for Marvel comics were created with the aid of collaborators. They have been largely successful. But what about the creations that he created without the help of collaborators? How successful have they been? Where is the massive popularity of Striperella? How many people are lining up to see the Governator?

Even if you claim that Stan Lee was responsible for the success of his Marvel creations then you must admit that the man has list whatever mythical "touch" he may have had. He is now little more than a joke. And so I laugh derisively at him.

Such is the way of super-villainy. And besides, he ripped me off when he created Magneto...

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