Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cease the Endless Blathering

What manner of foolishness is this? "All-New Booster Gold"? Fools! It was bad enough that we had to deal with All-New Atom. Be forewarned: I do not like this path that you are on, DC. You grow uncomfortably close to spilling over the edge.

Need I remind you of New Avengers? Or New Thunderbolts? Or even New X-Men? These and other pitiful publications from Marvel Comics? Why would you emulate those charlatans? And in such a pathetic manner, no less. Perhaps the appellation "new" does indeed increase the sales of those books. But do you truly wish to attract knuckle-draggers that would make even Vandal Savage cringe in embarrassment?

Cease with this foolishness. The majority of readers are clever enough to realize that a comic titled Booster Gold and located in the new comics section is not Booster Gold's original series from decades ago. Some Marvel readers may need that help, ut most DC fans have higher powers of discernment. And those are the ones you wish to attract.

Though I would be willing to make an exception for "The All-New Doctor Polaris." As long as it wasn't actually new...

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At 2:04 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Yes, we absolutely DO need Dr. Polaris bck in the DC universe...WITH his helmet of awsomeness. He's...he's just so MANLY!


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