Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ask Doctor Polaris #2

Yes indeed. It's time for another installment of

Here, "The Man Who Mastered Magnetism" will answer your questions, no matter what they may be. Let's roll.

Dear Dr. Polaris,

Would you be able to shake hands with Magneto (assuming you wanted to)
or would your magnetic fields repel each other?

Captain Infinity

Dear Captain Infinity,

It pleases me to see others taking an interest in magnetism. The power of magnetism cannot be overestimated! As to your question, that would certainly depend upon the two of us. My magnetic powers work on the same principle as an electomagnet. I use the incredible electrical force within my superior body to power it. The magnetic power that manifests takes the form of a dipole; I can alter its strength at will. I can only assume that the powers of that fool Magneto work in a similar fashion.

Therefore, if we approached one another with our magnetic powers on full blast, we would likely either be propelled toward each other (if we were manifesting differing magnetic poles) or away from each other (if we were manifesting similar magnetic poles). But if we lowered our magnetic fields, then we would be able to shake hands with no ill effects.

That being said, I would never shake that jerk's hand.

Doctor Polaris

Dear Doctor Polaris,

Why did it take you so long to realize that covering your face was a much better why to go, not only fashion wise, but also to give you better protection in battle? Wouldn't the first time you were hit in the face be enough of a clue to "cover up"? Just curious.

James Meeley

Dear James,

I believe that you may have me confused with a certain power ring-wielding fool. I am almost never struck in the face. My choice of a face-concealing helmet was entirely fashion motivated. I came to realize that obscuring my face was the best way to add an air of mystery to myself. And the ladies dig Men of Mystery. Almost as much as they dig Men of Magnetism.

Doctor Polaris

Dear Doctor Polaris,

This is Mallet here and I'm just wondering about a couple of things.

Why did you die in that Human Bomb explosion? Or was it just a metal construct with a wig and fake eyes?

We of course know you can beat Vibe; my grandma's pet monkey can beat Vibe. But what about Starro -- you know, the giant mind-controlling starfish?


Dear Mallet,

I'm afraid that my contract prevents me from answering any questions about Infinite Crisis at this time. Take away from that what you will.

Regarding your second question: fool! I am the Master of Magnetism! Though I have the greatest respect for Starro the Conqueror and his accomplishments, I would crush him beneath my heel! Even the denizens of deep space are subject to the whims of magnetism!

Doctor Polaris

That's it for the second installment of Ask Doctor Polaris. As always, send your queries to And remember: the Doctor is in! Insane!



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