Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lights Out

I am imposing a comics blackout upon myself. Seeing as I do not get my comics until a short while after most people, I do not want the biggest comic event of the year spoiled for me. Therefore I shall disappear into the mists, only to reappear when I have read Infinite Crisis #3. But as I go, I will leave you with some words of wisdom from Doctor Polaris:

Doctor Polaris on... Freedom:

"I'm free, boy! I intend to stay that way! You see the power I command? Polaris can't be locked away! I won't be trapped inside again!"
-- Doctor Polaris 1963 - 2005


At 6:06 PM, Blogger James Meeley said...

Well, it's your call to go into a "blackout", but I don't think you need to do that.

Just try to not talk about topics that might get your spoilers on IC #3 (and ask others not to give them).

For a blog that's as "young" as your's is, you might not want to go without having new content for undisclosed amounts of time.

Just a bit of personal advice. I'mm be here when you get back regardless.


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