Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Fatal Five

Recently, the Great Scipio spoke about the terror that is The Emerald Eye of Ekron. I had just watched the most recent episode of Justice League Unlimited, and had been thinking about The Fatal Five myself. And I just have one thing to say to Mark Waid: your Legion of Superheroes is pretty kick ass. But it needs more Fatal Five.

Scipio's not the only one who finds these guys scary. Though I'm a relative latecomer to the world of comics, from the very beginning I recognized the pure villainous power represented by by what the DC Comics Encyclopedia calls a "Quintet of Evil." For those who do not know, their membership consists of:

Tharok: His body destroyed, Tharok of Zadron was rebuilt into a powerful cyborg by the cutting edge technology of the 31st Century. Strong, incredibly intelligent, and unbelievably evil, Tharok would be dangerious alone. But he is joined by

Validus: A childlike giant under the complete control of Tharok, Validus wields a vast array of powers and can face off against even mightly Kryptonians. Validus stands with

Mano: Possessing anti-matter hands, Mano can disintegrate anything he touches. Metal, flesh, bone... All will melt into nothingness at the cruel hands of Mano! But even more terrifying than that killing touch is

The Persuader: Wielder of an an atomic axe that can cut through anything. Anything. But even the Persuader pales compared to

Emerald Empress: "The Eye! The EYE! THE EYE!"

So yeah, I love my villains scary. And they don't get any scarier than The Fatal Five So c'mon Mark Waid. Give us some Fatal Five. Please. I'll do whatever it takes. I'll mow your lawn. I'll paint your house. I'll scrub your toilets! Just give us The Fatal Five.


At 4:33 AM, Anonymous Martin said...

I like the fact that they can take a year over a Praetor Lemnos story, and I still haven't lost interest by the end. If and when we get the Fatal Five... that'll really be a thing to see.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Scipio said...

I should NOT be afraid of them. I don't want to be. I mean, they were ad hoc threats and we were simply arbitrarily told that they were bad-ass.

But then they proved it. Again and again. And their powers have no upside. They destroy. Anything they want. And they are ruthless.

I remember one story where one of them stole a quarter of a planet ... so he could go fishing.

I've tried to think of them as just another goofy villain team, like the Brotherhood of Evil. But they aren't. Absent Mordru, they are THE threat in the 31st Century.

As you say, any ONE of them is a nightmare. Together? Brrr.


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