Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One Year Earlier, Part 4

Here we are again. I'm still trying to figure out what DC's going to do in 52. It's too far away!

18. Ralph Dibny: The Next Step: Nobody in the DCU has suffered more in the past two years than Elongated Man, but in 52 Ralph Dibny moves on in ways that will shock you.

I don't know... I think Tim Drake's suffering in the past two years has equaled (or exceeded) Ralph's. But what do I know?

As for the shocking: Ralph's going to get a new love interest. Number twenty-nine on this list speculates that it might be a guy, but I don't buy it. They're just trying to trick us. I imagine that Ralph will be hooking up with a new civilian love interest. He seems like the type to keep his work and love life separate...

19. On The Edge: A respected former member of the Justice League hits bottom and contemplates suicide. Will this beleagued Leaguer pull the trigger?

Heh. "Beleaguered Leaguer." Oh, Wizard. How clever you are.

Seriously, though: I think that this is going to be Ralph. He's one of the featured players, after all. He'll start 52 on the backslide, having trouble dealing with Sue's death. He'll hit bottom, and then someone new will come into his life.

20. Real Time: Like on TV's "24" this number-titled series unfolds week by week at the pace of real life, putting fans right in the thick of things.

This really is the most exciting aspect of the series for me. The idea of a comic that runs real time is just so cool. And the fact that I'll only have to wait a week between each issue is just fantastic. I've never been known for my patience...

21. Bad As He Wants To Be: With the White House way behind him, Lex Luthor gets back to basics and pushes the envelope, becoming more evil and ruthless than ever.

When they say "back to basics," they mean it. Lex is reverting to his old Silver Age persona of maniacal mad scientist. And though I have a general distaste for some of the things that existed in the Silver Age, this one I tend to applaud.

"Ruthless Businessman Lex" was a brilliant character reinterpretation. It's left its mark on pop culture. But it's also run its course in the comics. The evolution of Lex from buinessman towards a mad scientist type is fascinating. It adds lots of interesting layers to the character. Regardless, I can't wait to see what Lex Luthor cooks up.

22. Big Break: After years of toiling in relative obscurity, Chris Batista made his mark on JLA last year -- now he'll try to cement himself as one of the best artists around.

Nothing much to say about that. Though I look forward to seeing what he's got for us. His JLA stuff was aces. He can draw a wicked Despero.


At 11:20 AM, Blogger kalinara said...

I actually think the suicidal one might be Ray Palmer. He got hit hard by Identity Crisis and hasn't been seen really since.

I admit, one of the few times I actually felt for Hawkman was when he kept trying to get in touch with his friend.


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