Monday, May 05, 2008


Le t it be known that I have received another letter from the insidious impostor who has usurped my name. I have chosen to ignore him. He is beneath my notice.

That being said, if I do find him, I'll crush him with two tons of steel.

But other, more important matters are coming to a head. DC Universe #0 was released this preceding week to much fanfare. Many secrets were revealed and portents of terrifying events were shown for all to see. I shall enlighten you as the the things that caught my discerning eye.

Legion of Three Worlds causes me much anxiety. I will watch with anticipation to see if the Emerald Empress will be playing a role. As you all know, we have a history together. I am certain things would have gone better between us were it not for that horrible, horrible eye.

Hal Jordan, it seems, is as foolish as ever. So, Hal, you did not pay attention to Black Hand's powers? Of course, why would ominous powers granted to an unknown fifth tier villain be of any importance. Idiot! It's your job to investigate mysterious occurrences related to extra-terrestrial phenomenon!

Lastly, I wonder what this Libra fellow is up to. As a Reformist Crimologist, I am not directly affected by the actions of Orthodox Crimology (the sect which Libra seems to taking over). But like non-Catholics who keep an eye on the Vatican, I will watch from afar. I don't want another Crime Inquisition...



At 10:36 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Ah, the world will be a much safer place, with you keeping an eye out for it, my dear Doctor. As for this Libra fellow, I distrust zealots of ANY stripe.

And yes, Hal Jordan is a weenie.


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