Wednesday, September 08, 2010


These days everyone seems to be... Franchising.

Whether it is those dimwitted rainbow lanterns corps or "The Bat-Man" everyone seems to be expanding their heroism (or villainy) into a multifaceted franchise.

I know what you are expecting me to say. You are expecting me to announce my own brilliant expansion. Something along the lines of "The Polaris Corps" or "Doctor Polaris, Inc." To those who are expecting just such an announcement I have this to say: you are a dimwitted fool!

Though the value of the unique may have lost currency among some, that is not the case among those who know what they are truly worth. Despite the imitators I know that there can only be one Doctor Polaris. None can compare with the things that make me unique.

Undoubtedly this applies for Batman was well. A pity he is fool enough to think otherwise. Once, in long ago days I counted him as a man of intelligence and integrity. But I fear that the mighty have fallen. To make such moves into the crass commercialization of one's identity is hearbreaking.

Know this. If you seek to find Doctor Polaris then you must find him here. Accept no substitutions. They do not exist.



At 3:40 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Hear hear! Doctor Polaris is indeed one of a kind. I'm SO glad that you had the good taste to take out that imposter with the beard.


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