Thursday, April 13, 2006

My First Comic Experience

A friend of mine has posted about her first comic for some sort of "first comic week." I thought I'd do the same.

What was my first comic? I remember distinctly. It was this:Purchased for me by father when I was a wee lad (this comic came out three months before I was even born) this issue was bought for the He-Man, not the Superman. My Superman obsession came later (though nothing can match the sheer fanboyish pleasure I get from Masters of the Universe).

The comic is your typical Pre-Crisis affair. Somehow Superman gets transported to Eternia. Skeletor takes control of him with magic and makes him fight He-Man. In the end, Skeletor gets away (because unlike other Pre-Crisis villains, Skeletor always escapes. Always.)

But the comic really does mean a lot to me. Even though I hadn't yet become the comic fanatic that I am today, it feels good to know that my first venture into the world of comics was in DC rather than Marvel. Imagine where I might have ended up if my father had given me a Spider-Man comic instead. *shudder*

Of course, there was little worry of that. My father was (and still is) a huge Superman fan. Batman too. Hell, when I was a stupid kid and didn't think Superman was cool, my dad kept telling me he was. And then one day I realized that my dad was right (just like with most things). Superman is awesome. So is Batman. And He-Man. And Skeletor, too.


At 3:35 PM, Blogger Tom Foss said...

I'm a huge Superman & He-Man fan as well, though I only managed to find that comic a few years back. I used to get into arguments with my mom about who would win in a fight. I thought it was obvious: He-Man was magic, Superman was vulnerable to magic, case closed.

Turns out that He-Man is vulnerable to the fickleness of the market, which is far more prevalent.


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