Saturday, July 22, 2006

Nightwing Should Have Died

I know I'm far from the first person to express what is (among some circles at least) an unpopular opinion. But I really think Dan DiDio was right: Dick Grayson should have died.

I knew something was wrong as I finished Infinite Crisis #7 Batman seemed to be acting appropriately earlier in the issue when he threatened Alex Luthor with a gun. I found it believable... At least until saw a happy Dick Grayson waving from the deck of a boat. Huh?

So Dick Grayson survives. What's the result? He acts like a total ass in Outsiders and becomes a whiner emo loser in his solo title. "But wait!" you cry. "They're fixing that! Marv Wolfman is going to write his book!"


I'm sorry, but when I hear "Marv Wolfman" I think of two things: the Anti-Monitor's grandiose speaches (which I love) and Dick's disco collar (not so much). Guess which one is more likely to have a bearing on Nightwing?

Anyway, things would've been a lot more interesting if they had killed Dick and given Jason Todd the role. I dig Jason. As for Dick... Not so much, these days...


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Steven said...

You want an unpopular opinion?

I think BATMAN should have died, and Nightwing be put in the position of choosing to kill Alex Luthor or not!

Then have Dick take over the role of Batman and gone from there.

THAT would have gotten people talking. THAT would be a permanent, REAL change to the DCU, that Spider-Man unmasking would NEVER EVER have over shadowed.

If Nightwing had been killed, give it five years, he'd be back.

If BATMAN had been killed, that would be SOMETHING!

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Scipio said...

My understanding is that the Outsiders issues where Nightwing was acting out of character were written when that was going to be Jason Todd (for whom such behavior would be in character). DC is backpedalling to fix that.

Agreed; Wolfman is not the person to fix, well, anything, and certainly not Dick Grayson who he ruined by making him "Nightwing".

At 7:55 PM, Blogger Diamondrock said...

Steven: The only problem with that is that you can't replace Batman as someone else permanently. It just cannot be done. No matter how much one might wish it so. Bruce Wayne is Batman. That's who he is. Even in *Japan* people know that Bruce Wayne is Batman. And that's saying a *lot.*

Scipio: I heard that about those Outsiders issues as well. It made the stories make a *lot* more sense.

At 12:53 AM, Blogger adoglookingup said...

You want a really unpopular opinion? If any character needs a reboot it's Batman. I suggested (way elsewhere) that Bruce Wayne should stop being Batman in favor of being the good Lex Luthor (meaning using his money and influence to counter that of Lex Corp and battling Luthor mostly through intermediaries) while turning the cowl over to Dick. Bruce Wayne would keep one of the Batman books to himself, Bruce would feature prominently in the other as an advisor to Dick, and Nightwing would be mostly Dick without any Bruce.

There's the middle ground between killing Batman and not killing Bruce Wayne.


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