Thursday, May 10, 2007

Let's Move Along

I intended to write a post emphasizing my reactions to Countdown tonight. But seeing as I want to hold off on a spoiler heavy post (to give those haven't read it a chance to do so) I'd instead like to take tonight to send a message out to guys like this: stop being so damned smug!

I get it. You've been reading comics longer than I've been alive. So what? That doesn't mean you're better than me. That doesn't mean you're a better comic fan than I am.

My problem with articles like that aren't that they're celebrating the return of the multiverse. I expect that (though I still don't enjoy them). What annoys me to no end is how some people get so smug over it. It's the superiority thing that bothers me. The sense some have that "my opinion is correct and since yours is different from mine you have to be an idiot."

It's the "you think the multiverse is confusing? Must be because you're too stupid to figure it out. I never had a problem with it." and the "Of course DC is listening to me. I'm right." Though you may note that these are a variation on a theme.

Most people I talk to who are happy the multiverse is back are pleasant. Even if they know I don't like it, they don't rub it in my face. But there are those who aren't content with being happy that it's back -- they have to belittle those of us who do not like it. Because whatever reason we may have is "stupid."

I grew up with the post-Crisis DCU. I'm young, and I'll make no apologies for that thank-you-very-much. But just because I wasn't around in the "good old days" doesn't mean that my opinions are worthless. Or stupid. Or necessarily wrong. Just like the opinions of older fans aren't necessarily worthless, stupid, or wrong.

But I get the sense that these same people aren't going to be happy about this new multiverse once they find out it's not exactly like the old one. I'm willing to give this a try precisely because it's not a leap backwards. It's a leap forward to something new. The old multiverse hasn't been brought back -- a new one has been created. And as Countdown shows, the old rules do not apply.

So while I sit and watch, some fans will no doubt start to rant and scream anew that they've haven't gotten back exactly what they had thirty years ago. And to them, I say this:

Get over it.

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At 10:56 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It's true, the new multiverse is completely new toys to play with.

I understand that establishing one's Nerd credentials can really be a frustrating game of one-up-manship. Try being a girl in a comic book store some time. Whoooboy!

I have to agree that I really don't care about the multi-verse one way or another. I like to hang out on Oa anyway.

At 12:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Urrrmmm...the article you linked to doesn't read all that smug. It was mostly a review of DC's history and a thank you to DC for restoring elements the author is happy to have back.

Now - I disagree with a lot of that author values, and don't graps the thank you's over stories I ain't never read. But the author seems happy to have his comics making sense again - he doesn't seem on the verge of "screaming and crying".

Someone on that verge would be the guy threatening to cry "Get over it!", like a spoilt child. And for those keeping score at home...that'd be you.

At 3:12 AM, Blogger Diamondrock said...

Hmm... Guilty as charged, I suppose.

I guess I'm just frustrated. To me, that article DID come off as a big self-congratulatory. To me that -- and other comments like it -- smack of the smugness you say you didn't notice.

It's not something that's intentional, but when people talk about how the multiverse is back and that's the way it should be and that's RIGHT, well... Someone like me who's been reading comics in the post-Crisis era (and likes it that way) is bound to get a little defensive.

And yeah, a little whiny, too...


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