Sunday, February 04, 2007

Heroclix, Round Two

So yesterday I played my second game of Heroclix ever. And this time, I used my own figures! Yes, I was lucky enough to find a brick of the DC set Collateral Damage at the local hobby shop for an obscenely cheap amount. It seems superheroes just don't sell it Japan. Their loss is my gain.

Anyway, my team consisted of Blue Devil, Ragman, Red Tornado, Doctor Mid-Nite, Manhunter, Speedy, and Azrael! This team of mighty heroes was forced to fight... More X-Men. Also, a team of ragtag Justice League rejects led by Green Arrow.

The first few turns went swimmingly for me. Ragman and Azrael hid in the bushes while Blue Devil cut a swathe through the Justice League. He picked up a piece of heavy machinery and whacked Green Arrow over the head. And then, in a fit of poetic justice, Speedy finished him off.

Things went downhill later when the X-Men joined the fray. Storm nearly took out Red Tornado, but Doctor Mid-Nite is actually a doctor and got him all fixed up the very next turn. Then Colossus beat up Azrael.

We had to cut things short, but if it had gone on for the full number of turns I think I would've won. Regardless, I got a few good hits in and enjoyed the heck out of myself.

Today's MVP: There's no question that the Most Valuable Player on my team was Blue Devil. He never took a hit (as my enemies rightly fear the "Mystic" team ability) and delivered more than his fair share of poundings. Go Blue Devil!

Coming tomorrow: Title Undetermined's first ever Theme Week!



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