Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inside Outside

Have you been reading Outsiders? You should be. Pete Tomasi is a radical comic writing machine, and Outsiders has gone from being a damn mess to being one of the books I look forward to the most each month. It's crazy.

The Outsiders are up against a sinister group of immortals called the Insiders. Yeah, that's probably not an accident. Seems these immortals gain their immortality from some sort of mysterious metorite.

What's that? You've heard that story before? Why yes, there is another character in the DC Universe who was made immortal by a meteorite. It's the same metorite. But it made this guy immortal way before these guys. And he's coming for what's his:

Yes indeed, that's Vandal Savage, immortal genius caveman and inventor of murder, the wheel, and cannibalism.

The "Insiders" are so screwed.

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At 11:46 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

So Vandal Savage is still rocking the burning face look from Final Crisis: Revelations, huh? Actually, why does his face look like it's burning?

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Diamondrock said...

I have no idea. But I don't like the look and I sure hope it doesn't last through this Outsiders arc.

At 3:41 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I have indeed been reading the Outsiders, at least since Tomasi has been writing it, and it has been very very good. Even Geo-Force is tolerable.

I like Owlman the best though.

At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Paul said...

He has the Mark of Cain that God put on him, and it is no longer hidden.

At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Spectrum Bear said...

Overall, I like the cast of the Outsiders, and I think the writing has been good. But the idea that this particular group of characters would be willing to live on a Bat-spaceship between superhero activities (which is what they seem to be doing) strikes me as a very silly comic-book idea, and makes it hard for me to really get into the comic. I could go through the characters one by one (BL has two daughters, one comatose and one not, and a wife or ex-wife who needs his support, and has always been defined by his ties to the community), but really, it's absurd.

And I like Owlman the LEAST. Batman really designed an identity for this guy based on Bat's evil opposite number on Earth-3? Was that a prank? And I don't really think you can turn a TV detective into an action superhero just by giving him a cool, spiky costume.

Loved the little Bat-symbols on the seat belts in the spaceship, though. The devil is in the details.


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