Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week in Review

I think I can say that this was one of the finest weeks of comics in recent memory. Consider: this week I got to read Blackest Night, JSA, Superman, and Detective Comics. What god have I pleased to deserve such a bounty? Here's some quick thoughts on each of those:

Blackest Night #5: I think it's safe to say that the $#&% has officially hit the fan. There is really bad stuff going down. And that last bit? I totally didn't expect it.

I think the reason why the rings didn't work is that they were all being employed separately. The colors weren't united. As we all have been expecting, one person is going to have to wear all the rings to get it to work.

Justice Society of America #33: Not only was this a rollicking good superhero action story arc, it's set things up nicely for the future. I think I'm actually going to have to buy All-Stars now.

My favorite bits? Doctor F'ing Fate taking out everybody and Mister Terrific taking out Karnevil like the punk that kid is. Good stuff.

Superman #694: Have I mentioned how much I love Mon-El and what James Robinson is doing with him? I read an interview where Robinson talked about how sad he was going to be when they had to put Mon-El back in the Phantom Zone. I'm right there with him.

Mon-El's gone from being a character I really didn't know much about to being one of my absolute favorites. Still hate the new costume, though...

Detective Comics #859: Rucka and Williams continue to tear things up with this story. It made me mad as hell to see the reason why Kate got kicked out of West Point. And that stuff happens all the damn time. There's no good reason to we should be doing that.

On the other side of things, I loved seeing Kate's initial meeting with Batman. That guy sure does leave an impression. I can't wait until he comes back.

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At 11:15 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It WAS an amazing week! One of those weeks where I'm just so glad that I read comics.

I think that Blackest Night has really hit its stride. Yes, things have definitely hit the fan, and I can hardly wait until the next issues.

Oh, and there were some other good books too!


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