Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In The Days Ahead

There's been a lot of speculation as to how Blackest Night is going to end. A popular theory is that -- because of the massive casualties -- there must be a mass resurrection of characters when Blackest Night comes to a close.

I think that this theory is correct. But I'm not just speculating here. I think I have proof -- or at least very strong evidence -- that Geoff Johns left in plain sight for us to see.

It was tricky to find, I'll admit. But it shouldn't have been. That little tidbit of information shows up on the second page of a very high profile Geoff Johns project. Here's the rub, though: it has nothing to to with Green Lantern. The clue (or the proof) is found in The Flash: Rebirth #4.

It hit me like a bolt of lightning one night. On the second page of the issue Professor Zoom says the following to Barry Allen:

"I have a resurrection of my own in the days ahead, Barry. Thanks to a good friend of yours."

Initially I puzzled over the meaning of that phrase. Then I put it behind me. After all, it could be anyone. Zoom hadn't necessarily meant "a good friend" literally. It could just as easily be a reference to someone who simply knows Barry well.

But I think in this case it is a literal statement. I think that Professor Zoom literally will be resurrected by one of Barry's good friend. It should be obvious by now that that friend is Hal Jordan.

One of the main concepts of the Blackest Night "mass resurrection" theory is that Hal Jordan will be the catalyst. In order to save the universe from Nekron Hal Jordan will become a White Lantern and resurrect a lot of characters in the process. Most theories say that it will be the characters that have become Black Lanterns who will be resurrected.

As we can see in the solicitation for Blackest Night: The Flash #1, the Reverse Flash will be featured as a Black Lantern. Presumably the resurrection that Professor Zoom mentioned will take place post-Blackest Night.

Summing up, here's the timeline: we know that Rebirth takes place before Blackest Night. At the end of Blackest Night Hal Jordan resurrects a large number of characters hero and villain alike (this is likely only a side effect of Nekron's defeat). Now alive again, Professor Zoom travels back in time to menace Barry Allen in the pages of Rebirth.

Seems plausible to me...

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At 10:49 PM, Blogger Jake said...

That would explain where the Rebirth issues have gone, but I would assume the same proof for a mass-resurrection is that Damage is on BOTH of the covers of the JSA series' solicitations. Impressive for a dead guy!

At 5:06 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I'm all for mass resurrections, because there are a LOT of my favorite characters that I want to have back.

I guess it could be Hal that brings them all back, although oddly enough Kyle is the one that has actually performed some resurrections.


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