Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There is still time to vote for a new Legion Leader, friends. I've already told you who I think you should vote for. In my eyes, the obvious choice is Earth-Man.

He's a dick, yes. But he did something I thought nobody could do: he made me interested in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Now, I suppose it's true that Paul Levitz is the one who actually did that. After all, he's the one who decided to put Earth-Man on the team. But here's the deal: I've never been a big fan of the Legion. I've dabbled in bits and pieces and I always catch their interactions with the Super-family (because I do love Superman).

Along came Geoff Johns, Action Comics, and "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes." I read it, of course; I read all the Super-books religiously. And with Superman standing alongside them I finally started to see why people think the Legion is so interesting.

A big part of what made that story great were the villains. I could really believe the motivations of Earth-Man his "Justice League." The final bit where Superman gains back his powers and takes out Earth-Man is one of my favorite scenes that Geoff Johns has ever written.

When it was all over they sent Earth-Man and his cronies off to prison and I figured that was that; I was done with the Legion until the next time they showed up in the pages of Action or Superman. A new Legion book was announced not long after that, but I didn't give it much though.

But when Paul Levitz said that he was putting Earth-Man on the team I suddenly became very interested. How exactly was he going to manage that psycho in the Legion? How was he even going to get him on the team? The very concept intrigued and interested me... And it got me to buy the book.

Sometimes it takes writers doing unexpected things to bring new people in. Paul Levitz (and Earth-Man) got me hooked on Legion of Super-Heroes. For that along, they get my vote.

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