Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Despite the loss of Oracle as a character, it is somewhat heartening to see the DCU diversifying in the new book line-up.

We've got at least three books starring characters of African heritage and a number starring women. Of particular note is the introduction of Apollo and Midnighter to the DCU in Paul Cornell's Stormwatch.

This is noteworthy because DC has suffered from a dearth of gay male characters. And a complete lack of them in any form of headlining role. It's somewhat puzzling considering the proliferation lesbians in DC's comics in recent years.

I suppose it's not particularly surprising, however. Though troubling, there is no doubt that a majority straight male audience finds homosexual female characters more palatable than homosexual male characters.

This is something that has bothered me for a long time. As good as it is to have characters like Batwoman, the Question, and Scandal Savage diversifying the DCU, it's problematic when your only gay man is occasional JSA guest star Obsidian.

Apollo and Midnighter taking a central position in the DCU is a step in the right direction. It's not far enough, but it sure as hell is better than having nothing but Extra├▒o...



At 5:48 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

It's even more depressing, when Obsidian has had about two whole speaking parts in the last two years.

And I LIKE Todd!

With the JSA not making an appearance, presumably he's not going to be doing much more speaking either.


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