Thursday, June 01, 2006

For the Record: I'm Sorry

I was wrong to take my anger out on the new Batwoman. I realized that when I reflected on the character. When I realized that she could actually be a lot of fun. And when I realized that I was acting just like one of those Hal Jordan fans.

I guess I sort of understand how they felt. It hurts when your favorite character is (seemingly) turned into a villain arbitrarily. It hurts a lot.

But that's no excuse for taking it out on his/her replacement. Just as Kyle Rayner had no part in Hal Jordan's downfall neither has Kathy Kane been a part of Cassie's. The fault in both cases lies with editorial. Or perhaps with loser fans like me who just can't let go.

And I probably won't let go right away. It may take awhile. Hell, the Jordan fans screamed about it for a decade. Then Hal Jordan came back. But I don't see there being any sort of "rebirth" with Cassandra Cain. There were always a lot more fans of Hal Jordan than there have been Cassie Cain...

So for the record: I'm sorry, Ms. Kane. I was out of line. I look forward to reading about your adventures. Just remember the symbol you're wearing. Don't screw it up.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger adoglookingup said...

If Jason Todd can come back after having been Robin for like, 6 months, than Cassandra Cain can come back after having had her own book for 5 years.

Just be prepared for her to be a zombie or something equally inappropriate. She'll probably be helping SB-prime in the next crisis.

At 1:06 AM, Blogger James Meeley said...

DR: It takes a big person to admit what you just did here. I'm actually proud of you. Doing this certainly puts you light-years ahead of "those Hal Jordan fans."

I'm sorry about what happened to your favorite Batgirl. I guess the lesson is that we should not only enjoy the characters we like for as long as we can, but perhaps we should do more to get OTHERS to try and like them, as well, even if it is an "obligation" a lot of comic fans don't want to shoulder. :)


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