Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It Begins

I am an unabashed DC fanboy. I make no excuses. I make no apologies. I don't care that the other comic readers I work with (100% of whom read pretty much nothing but Marvel) make fun of me. None of that matters to me.

So of course I am totally geeking out over DC's upcoming Countdown. 52, at its mildest could be called a success. And DC's trying to repeat it. Who knows if it'll work? I just know that -- despite my hesitations before the official announcement -- I'm on board for another year.

I love covers with dozens of heroes flying towards the viewer. I love giant fights and over the top explosion. I love monologuing villains. I love comics that take themselves seriously and I love comics that don't. I love it all.

And I have a feeling that DC's going to give me all of that and more in Countdown. Darkseid! Mary Marvel! JIMMY freakin' OLSEN! It's all going to be there, and I can't wait for 52 to end. Here's to another wild and crazy year.

(Oh, and Batgirl is on the cover, too! Woot.)

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At 10:02 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I think that it sounds great. I've greatly enjoyed 52. Yeah, it meandered a bit here and there, but by God, it was there every week. Countdown sounds like an interesting idea as well. Just telling the story within the time-span of a month this time.


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