Saturday, February 10, 2007

This is... Wild Dog Week, Day 6!

Hey, remember that time that Wild Dog shot up a bunch of drug-running Chicago mobsters?

The mobsters certainly do. Which is why their new boss has decided that Wild Dog must pay! So, in the spirit of thematic vengeance he hires a fellow called "The Catcher" to retrieve Wild Dog. A dog catcher, if you will.

But before Wild Dog can be caught by the infamous Catcher he needs to take care of a little something. You see, there's been a rash of brutal bank robberies throughout the Quad Cities. The robbers kill indiscriminately, murdering dozens of police officers and civilians. And despite the combined might of four cities' pollice departments, they can't be caught.

So Wild Dog clears his schedule for the afternoon...

And takes care of things.

With that out of the way, Wild Dog is free to be caught by the catcher. And despite his mad vigilante skills, he is indeed caught.

However, the Catcher only catches guys. It's up to the mobsters themselves to "seal the deal" as it were.

You'd think mobsters would be better at killing people. What with their being mobsters and all.

But no, they really suck at it. Wild Dog, however is very, very good at it.

And so, Wild Dog escapes. And disappears. He will not make another appearance for seventeen years.

Tomorrow: Wild Dog Week concludes!



At 4:10 PM, Blogger Fortress Keeper said...

He probably didn't need to reappear. Just about every crook should have been dead by that point.


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