Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This is... Wild Dog Week, Day 2!

Meet The Committee for Social Change:

The CSC is a group of homegrown terrorists (consisting largely of men in bad suits and women with 80's hair) whose stated philosophy is "founded on the ideal of tearing down all existing institutions and beginning anew." So yeah, they're a little nutty.

But this is supposed to be Wild Dog Week, not Commitee for Social Change Week. So, Committee for Social Change: Meet Wild Dog!

As you can probably imagine, Wild Dog and the CSC don't exactly get along. In fact, they serve as his primary antagonists throughout the first Wild Dog miniseries. Their plans were sinister, clever, and highly effective. Why, there was this one time they took over a junior high school and tried kill a bunch of kids...

Ooh, I guess that one didn't work out so well after all. How about the time they seized control of The Dixie Belle, a Mississippi Riverboat?

Oh, right. I forgot about that. But surely they fared better when they stormed a city council chamber and held the mayor hostage?

I guess not.

So are the CSC really, really bad at the terrorism thing? Or is Wild Dog just really, really good at what he does? Decide for yourself, dear reader, as Wild Dog Week continues!

Tomorrow: Wild Dog gets trapped on an island! And the only thing that stands between him and an army of bloodthirsty terrorists is America's largest weapons' manufacturing facility! Will he survive?



At 9:13 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

So, in that second scenario, the riverboat one, did Wild Dog decide to go skinny-dipping after blowing them up?

Because with all the flaming wreckage around that seems kind of risky.

At 9:38 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

What's next for these wacky terrorists? The PTA? The local Kiwanis? The Rotary Club for Gods' sake? Feh. Stupid terrorists.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger googum said...

Speaking as someone else who slumps around in a hockey jersey 90% of the time, Wild Dog is the man. (Was that a hockey logo, or something else? I've read some of his issues but don't recall.)

My terrorist-kicking skills are sadly lacking, however...

At 12:29 PM, Blogger The Fortress Keeper said...

So, the terrorists are Elmer Fudd and Wild Dog is Bugs Bunny.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Scipio said...

Wild Dog is the Best At What He Does.

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Crowded House said...

So in that second panel, how is Wild Dog knocking down those two other terrorists? Was his manliness just so overwhelming that they spontaneously fell over? Or did they just not want to fight a man who is capable of shooting and kicking people in the crotch at the same time and fell down to save themselves? Not that I wouldn't have done the same thing, mind you.

At 4:39 PM, Blogger Diamondrock said...

Cal: Naw, he just left his costume behind so he could blend into the crowd. He's a clever one, that Wild Dog.

Sally: Fine Art.

Googum: It's a jersey for a fictional Quad Cities football team. Of course, if it's *not* fictional, that's the first thing I'm buying when I get home.

Keeper: Indeed.

Scipio: Reserve judgment until *tomorrow.* Then you'll see some serious action.

Crowded House: He shoots so fast they start to fall over before the bullets even hit them.


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