Friday, July 24, 2009

Good or Bad Dream?

So last night I had a really weird dream. Well, weird for normal people. Not so out of the ordinary for me.

Anyway, the dream was very likely kicked off due to a late yesterday sighting of this Justice Society of America cover:

It doesn't take a Hector Hammond to figure out which part of the cover kicked off my dream. It was, of course, that poorly colored image of one Doctor Polaris.

My dream featured a very strange comic scene. Even stranger was that I saw it as though from a great distance, but it was still a comic page. There were panels and word balloons and everything.

The specific scene was taking place (for reasons unknown) on a Japanese-style subway train. A bunch of villains were sitting on the seats chatting (likely on their way to assault the JSA).

One villain (I don't remember which one) turned to a guy who appeared to be Doctor Polaris. Now, this Doctor Polaris didn't have his colors all messed up like that cover. This was the proper Doctor Polaris.

Anyway, the unknown villain turns to the apparent Doctor Polaris and asks him: "Are you the original Doctor Polaris or the new one?" Doctor P turns his head and says something like "I'm the real deal." But here's the trippy part: the costume was completely empty!

That's right, there was no one wearing the costume. It seemed that through sheer force of will the spirit of Doctor Polaris had returned to the land of the living and used his awesome magnetic powers to create a semblence of form for himself by magnetically tying together a costume made of metal. I can only assume the hair was a wig.

The one consolation about being as weird as I am is that at least I know I'm weird...

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At 10:26 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Now THAT'S scary...and cool.


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