Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Web

Y'know, it's funny... Of all the Red Circle characters I thought for sure I was going to like The Web the least. I wasn't sure about his costume or his motives. I didn't think I would hate the Web... I just thought it would be fair to middlin'.

But things have a way of surprising you. I know that's happened with me and the Web. When I started reading the story I felt exactly how I thought I'd feel (and certainly exactly the was JMS wanted me to). I didn't like the Web much nor did I particularly care.

But when I read the Web's final broadcast:

"There's been a slight change in plans for If your problems can be solved easily, if you have your own money, your own resources, or your own fame... Don't use that website. Use it if your situation is hopeless. If there's something so awful, so terrible that you can't even tell your own... Your own family. If you're afraid in the dark, if the shadows are closing in on you, and there's nowhere else to turn... Go to the Web. Go to the Web. I'll be waiting."

And that did it for me. If the ongoing can hit me in the gut in the same way even half the time then I'll pick up every issue.

Really, when it comes to comics this is the best feeling in the world. There's nothing like picking up something you don't expect to like... And being blown away.

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