Friday, October 09, 2009

An Awkward Encounter

I had a very awkward encounter yesterday.

It happened while I was walking to class in the morning. This is usually uneventful, and I'd say that yesterday more or less follows along with that. It's important as well for you to know how I dressed. As is occasionally the case, my clothes were largely comic inspired. I was wearing my Flash t-shirt and my Superman stocking cap. So I was rocking it DC hard.

As I walked I noticed another fellow coming at me from the opposite direction. He was also dressed in comic attire, namely and Avengers hooded sweatshirt. Now, this presented a conundrum. Obviously the pair of us were kindred spirits of a sort. After all, he was dressed in comic attire and he most certainly was not you typical average non-comic reading person who sometimes wears a Batman or Spider-Man shirt.

But as already mentioned, he was wearing a Marvel shirt. It would be like a Cubs fan and Cardinals fan passing each other on the street (actually, that's happened to me before too). We sort of glanced at each other but didn't say anything. We both seemed to be trying to avoid eye contact. It was obvious that something tied us together. But as much as that might have sparked a friendship there was something else -- something even more important -- that kept us a part.

We passed each other and I imagine I will never see that fellow again. What a weird experience.

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At 10:35 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well...there are nerds and then there are NERDS! Obviously the fellow in the Marvel outfit was the other kind.

Yankee/Red Sox fans go through the same thing. Except it usually ends in fisticuffs.


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