Sunday, December 20, 2009

Enough is Enough

Have I mentioned how weary I am of all the New Krypton stuff?

I was sort of digging it at the start. But now I'm just sick and tired of all these jerks from Krypton. Honestly, I'm beginning to feel relieved that the planet was destroyed when it was. The Kryptonians remain the "assholes of space" even after all this time.

I want Superman back in his own books again. As much as I dig Mon-El (and I do dig Mon-El) it's just not the same. Superman needs to be back where he belongs. I know that that's most likely the endgame for this whole story arc, but I'm tired of waiting.

My hope is that we'll get back to a more normal status quo one of these days soon. I'm hoping we won't end up with many Kryptonians running around after this is all over. I like Flamebird and Nightwing well enough, but I still miss the simple gravity of Superman as "The Last Son of Krypton."

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