Tuesday, January 05, 2010


It is interesting when one considers that the era of "big comic events" began with a death. The death of a character whose importance to the DC Universe very few people considered -- until it was too late. I am, of course, speaking of myself: Doctor Polaris.

Consider: it was Infinite Crisis that began this current series of big events. Who was among the first to die? The answer is again Doctor Polaris. I do not believe this to be an accident. Though at the time I was filled with rage at the actions of one Geoff Johns I now see that they were part of a greater plan.

All know that Geoff Johns prepares his story arcs years in advance. Could it be that the death of Doctor Polaris was meant to be the beginning of a great story? Remember that the Death of Superman story began with Superman's death. Then, he was replaced by lesser figures. In much the same way that I was replaced by a fool with a business degree.

In the end defeated his replacement and returned in glory. I have already defeated my replacement. Surely the endgame of Geoff Johns master plan will soon come to fruition. Doctor Polaris will return.

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At 4:46 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Few things gave me as much pleasure as when they had you take out that miserable poseur, the Second Doctor Polaris.

So yeah, your eventual return is eagerly awaited.


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