Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Deadman: The Series

Geoff Johns asks: "wouldn't Deadman be a great TV show...?"

The answer? Yes. Yes it would.

Deadman has all the the features necessary to make a great TV show. Here they are:

1. Deadman: The Series would be episodic. A television about Deadman could easily fit into that most television of television requirements: it would be episodic. In each episode Deadman could be confronted with a new crime/problem/issue. He solves the problem by spying on people who can't see him and then possesses a few people's bodies in order to solve the issue. Kind of like Quantum Leap.

2. Deadman: The Series would have a running plot. It's common nowadays for TV series to have season long or multi-season long plots. While each individual episode has its own focus, there's an underlying story that connects them. The original Deadman comics were the same way. While Deadman tried to right wrongs, his main focus was trying to find out who killed him and why. That would work pretty well on TV.

3. Deadman: The Series would be cheap. Unlike a lot of super-hero stuff Deadman doesn't have flashy powers. His special ability is that he can possess the bodies of other people. That requires absolutely no special effects aside from maybe a CGI glow. This may sound trivial, but in this day and age costs are important. The fact that a good Deadman show could be made on the cheap is important.

4. Deadman: The Series would be comics! Comics are a hot thing right now. It doesn't matter what; people want that stuff even though they don't seem to actually want comics. Deadman fits into the scifi/horror/super-hero genre that is so popular on TV right now.

Clearly Geoff Johns knows something we don't. Clearly a Deadman series is in the work. I am excited about it, even though it does not yet exist. Remember: you heard about it here first.

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