Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smallvill Season 9

Now that school is over I've finally caught up on this past season's Smallville. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the way it ended. That, of course, is excepting the cliffhanger.

I know that cliffhangers and whatnot are the rage, but sometimes I just want to see a solid ending. That's what drove me away from Lost way back when it started. I never looked back.

That said, I think that season nine was all around a good one for Smallville. They got to introduce a lot of interesting characters from the DCU as well as use Zod in a way that I thought was pretty fresh and interesting.

The hints of what is to come seem to indicate that season ten (the final season, incidentally) will be a big one. I've never found the sight of an elderly woman knitting quite so chilling...



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