Tuesday, August 02, 2011


It seems that after a brief flirtation with pants on Wonder Woman DC has decided against it. It's kind of sad, actually. I'd really started to like the pants.

Now I'm not one to say that Wonder Woman wearing the swimsuit style costume is a bad thing. But I do think trousers on the woman was a good thing. If DC was looking to make her appear more "modern" and "hip" the pants did that.

Then again, the decision to not use the long pants may come from screaming from certain segments of the fan base. I can't say who these people might be, but I can only assume that they are male and receive the majority of their female companionship from Wonder Woman comics.

Okay, that might be taking it a step too far. But really, the pants looked good. I liked them, and for the life of my I can't figure out why they decided to backpedal on that particular costume change. Does it have to do with the JMS Wonder Woman storyline? Because I'm pretty sure that's going to stay out of continuity...



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